How to Use SEO to acquire a Higher Search Engine Ranking

It would be really nice if all there was to do was wave our hands or snap our fingers and after that our content would magically be visible on the first page of every search results... sadly, that is not how it operates, but it is critical for any affiliate marketer to know what SEO is and the way to use it with their web based business. In this article, you will learn the way you use SEO to get a higher search engine ranking. Maria Johnsen

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the procedure by which webmasters and article writers use the unique tools, such as keyword placement and original content, first of all, to boost their search engine results. It is unbelievable that the internet has grown so fast in a short amount of time, that many affiliate market competitors took full advantage of this chance to take all the top spots in each and every search engine results. It may seem like a doomsday scenario or "let's clean up our bags and leave," type of situation, but stop worrying. I started affiliate marketing 36 months ago, not a single article was ranked for the keyword(s) which i chose. Earlier this year (2015), I finally got used to SEO, and now, a lot of my articles and videos are ranked around the first or second page of each and every search engine. One of my articles that we had published on Sept. 4th, 2015 happens to be sitting at the #5 spot, first page on Google and at the #1 spot, first page on Bing (Oct. 14th, 2015) for my chosen keyword. Understanding the inner workings of Search engine optimisation is critical for any affiliate marketer or online business entrepreneur to know in order for their business to ensure success. The remaining part of this article, My goal is to share my knowledge along.
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The most important part of any SEO is to make sure that you type content which is unique and original. In older times, before Google made all its updates, the hunt results were flooded with all sorts of copied content. Nothing was original. Considering that the updates were made, any article, blog, or website was penalized, which triggered a drop in rankings or banishment from your search engines.

The next a part of how to get your articles ranked on site 1 in every google is keyword optimization.

That is critical to the success of your web business. When it comes to typing articles and submitting the crooks to article directories, the first thing you need to do is pay close attention to the amount of keywords you place in the content. Too many keywords, your article will not get ranked. The same can probably be said if you hardly use any keywords in any way.

This is my recipe for article writing success:

1. Locate a keyword that is not on the go. If you try to go as soon as the keyword(s) which are in high demand, you will not get ranking. This is how my article, i have mentioned earlier, got ranked on the first page of the search engine, beating out all the major competition and experienced affiliate marketers websites.

2. Place one keyword from the title and one in the summary or description box. The primary body of the article should only contain 2 keywords, one out of the opening paragraph and the other in the closing paragraph.

3. Make your article flow using the keyword. Here is one example for the keyword "build muscle women":

Nobody would read your article in case you wrote, "learn how to build muscle women."